DESCRIPTION: As personal needs change, you may need to change your direct deposit information by adding, deleting, or changing your bank information. This article walks you through the process to make these changes..  Please note the items below.


  • Do not close your old account until your first paycheck is deposited in your new account.  
  • Changes made after the pay period ending Friday date will be applied to the next pay period. 
  • You can change, but not delete, the Primary Account information and the Deposit Amount will always be NET BALANCE. 

To update your direct deposit information, you must first access Employee Self Service. 


To access Employee Self Service (ESS): 
AT WORK: Go to the Exchange intranet,, and click on Employee Self Service (ESS).  Log in using your TSS ID (Y-Number) and password. 

AWAY FROM WORK: On a mobile device or personal computer go to  Log in using your TSS ID (Y-Number) and password.  Once logged in, click on Employee Self Service (ESS) and a new browser window will open. See Access Exchange Systems Away From Work


After logging into ESS, select Direct Deposit under the Money Matters Section. 


Click the link at the top of the page to update your Direct Deposit information. 


You can enter up to 10 different bank accounts and specify the amount you want directed to each account for each payroll check. Once you have made your changes, click on