A family status change or event is an occurrence that impacts your eligibility for health insurance coverage or prompts a change to your coverage.  This type of change or event allows changes to your coverage outside of the open enrollment period as long as the change is made with 31 days from the date of the event.


If an associate experiences an eligible family status change event, his/her insurance coverage may be changed during a 31 day window that begins on the date of the qualifying event.  This is the only way an associate can make changes to insurance coverage outside of the open enrollment period.  Please see below for a list of eligible family status change events.  


  • Getting Married 

  • Getting Divorced or Legally Separated 

  • Having a Baby 

  • Adopting a Baby 

  • Gaining Legal Custody or Guardianship of Child(ren) 

  • Losing Legal Custody of Child(ren) 

  • Deployment 

  • Losing Covering Under Another Plan 

  • Spouse Loses Other Group Coverage 

  • Spouse Gains Other Group Coverage 

  • Death of Spouse 

  • Death of Child 

  • Dependent Is No Longer Eligible for Coverage 

  • Dependent Child Becomes A Full Time Student 

  • Dependent Child Loses Other Coverage 

  • Dependent Care Costs Change (Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account) 


To get more information, please visit the Exchange benefits website at or access Family Status Changes under the Family Benefits Section in Employee Self Service (ESS).