This article provides the process required to change your payroll allocations for your 401(k). Please note that all RFT and RPT associates will automatically be enrolled with a default enrollment of 3% after a 30-day waiting period. This can be modified within the same 30-day window.

Changing  payroll deductions for your 401(k) must be made through Fidelity.  This can be done through  

An associate going to for the first time, should click on “Register Now” under the Log In box to set up a Username and Password.

To change contribution rates: after logging in, click on AAFES 401(K) PLAN, click on “Contribution Amount” and on the next screen, click on “Contribution Amount” again.

While there, check out your asset allocations as you may want to make changes in how your money is invested.  Questions: Call Fidelity at 800-835-5095.