DESCRIPTION: The Am I Competitive score for paybamd associates provides a common process for evaluating all payband associates. This enables you to see how you compare with other Exchange associates by career area or band/level.

Performance - 20 points possible

Performance points are based on the average score of the last three management (PB 3-1 and above) Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs).  The most recent PER score is added in once more and averaged again. 

Note: Why add the last PER score in again? The last PER is the most recent indicator of your performance and therefore has more weight.




Readiness Rating – 45 points possible

Readiness points are based solely on your most recent Readiness rating.


Ready Now = 45.00 points

Ready with Development = 30.00 points

Professional = 15.00 points

Incorrect level/incorrect job = 0 points

PER Grade – 15 points possible

The PER grade is the sum of the last three band/tier grades (grade breakdown annotated below). The number of points received is based upon the band/tier in which the last three management PERs were received.




5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4


4-2, 4-3




3-2, 3-3






Breadth of Experience – 5 points possible

Breadth of experience refers to crossing over into different career cones.  You may receive 1 point per unique career cone, up to 5 career cones.


Career cone differentiation is based on the first 2 digits of a job code.  For example, in job code (3550U42E01), the 35 denotes a job in the Human Resources career cone.

Note: If you previously held positions with different career cone identifiers that have since been merged into one (Example: Food service jobs that previously had career cone identifiers 56 and 57 were combined under career cone 55) these career cone identifiers will only count as one unique career cone. 


You must have received a management PER for each unique career cone to receive

applicable points.  

Note: Additional points not awarded for multiple PERs in a previously assigned career cone.


Depth of Experience – 5 points possible

Points for depth of experience are determined by the unique jobs held within a career cone.

Employees receive 1 point per unique job, up to a maximum of 5 points.


The uniqueness of a job refers to the first 4 digits of the job code (3550U42E01).  


You must have received a management PER for each unique job to receive applicable points. 

Note: Additional points not awarded for multiple PERs in a previously assigned position.

Formal Education– 5 points possible

To receive credit for a secondary degree, the degree must be completed and from an accredited school.   Also, an official transcript must be on file in your official personnel record.  


Masters/PhD = 5 points

Bachelors = 3 points

Associates = 1 point


Professional Certification/License – 3 points

A professional certification or license is worth 3 points in the competitive calculation.  More points are not awarded for multiple certifications/licenses. 


The certification/license must be nationally recognized as a professional certification and you must have received the certification/license as a result of passing a test of skill. 


Examples of eligible certifications include: Professional in Human Resources (PHR) , Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Microsoft certifications, Supply Chain Management, Project Management Professional (PMP), Food Service Mgmt Professional, Car Care Center = ASE Certification, etc.


Deployment – 2 points

Exchange employees who have deployed (served) at least 180 consecutive days as an Exchange associate will receive 2 points for their deployment score.  

Note:  Additional points are not awarded for multiple deployments.