Identifying what positions exist within the Exchange is an important part of planning your career with the Exchange - or simply what positions are available for a promotional opportunity.  The Opportunity Charts provide all current positions, by career area.  This article explains how to access. Please note you can only access the Opportunity Charts on Exchange equipment.

The Exchange Career or Opportunity Chart is a great tool for employees to use.  It is a chart that shows each level of jobs, how many positions exist (and are currently filled),  and also allows you to  view a detailed job description.  These descriptions can be very useful as you seek to advance and determine what jobs best match your interests. The job descriptions can help you identify skills you may need to enhance or learn in order to progress. 


The link to the Exchange Career/Opportunity is: 




1. Select a job type and a career field from the drop down menu.

* Note: Once you have selected a career field, you can view the job codes from another job type by simply selecting a different type. The career field will stay the same.

2. For Management Market Based Pay job codes: If the description for the job code is available, the survey indicator will be displayed at the bottom right corner and you will be able to click on either the job title or the job code to view its description.

For other types: Click on either the job title or the job code to view its description.

3. If the Active Report Viewer is not installed in your PC, a window will pop up, simply click on "YES".

4. You will see the report.

5. If the report has more than 2 pages, use to move between pages.

* Click on to print the the description.

* Click on  to close the window and return to the Opportunity Charts