The Exchange Tuition Assistance program provides financial assistance to high performing associates who are seeking higher education with an accredited academic institution in order to enhance their professional and leadership skills as they develop their Exchange career. 

Eligibility and Program Requirements 

  • Be a Regular Full-Time (RFT) associate in a pay and duty status  
  • Have one-year continuous service with the Exchange at time of application  
  • Have no active disciplinary actions  
  • Do not hold a degree at the same level for the requesting application  

Must take courses during off-duty time and maintain same level of duty performance while attending classes  

Participants must maintain annual Performance Evaluation ratings equal to: 

For an Undergraduate Degree: 

  • Hourly associates must maintain a minimum overall rating of “Met Expectations” 
  • Pay band associates must maintain a minimum overall rating of "3/3" and a minimum Readiness Rating of "Professional" 

Graduate Degree: 

  • Minimum overall rating of "4/4" and a minimum Readiness Rating of "Professional" 
  • Must first use VA or other scholarship benefits before applying for Exchange assistance, if eligible  

All courses taken through the program must be in a field of study which leads to a degree that is relevant to the Exchange operational needs.  

Note: Associates approved for a degree program will incur a three-year employment obligation. Obligation does not apply to RIF, curtailment, disability or death. If you retire before your employment obligation is met your debt is not cancelled but will be prorated for repayment (EOP 15-10, Chapter 20).  

Associates are permitted to attend the university, college or institute of their choice provided it is listed in the current edition of the Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education published annually by the American Council on Education.  

Associate must receive a grade of "C-" or better for each undergraduate course and a grade of "B-" or better tor graduate program courses.  


Note: All RFT associates who meet the minimum requirements are eligible to apply for undergraduate degree assistance.  However, graduate degree assistance is only available for RFT associates who are pay band 4 or higher. 


 The Application Process  

Applications to the Tuition Assistance Program are accepted anytime during the year. All completed application packets must be sent to HR Talent at  .  HR Talent will contact associates regarding their application status after review.  


The application packet must include the following:  

  • Degree Application 1850-001 (found in e-Forms under Exchange Forms & Publications)  
  • Degree Plan for the proposed degree  
  • Endorsement from associate’s Rater, Approver and Directorate/Region EVP/SVP  


If approved, there is an annual maximum of $5,250 for tuition assistance. The program covers the cost of tuition only. The program does not reimburse for books, supplies or any other fees. Any costs incurred above the annual maximum must be borne by the participants. 


 If you would like more information about the Tuition Assistance Program please see a more detailed overview of the program from an Exchange computer at   

If you have any questions, please contact the Tuition Assistance Program Manager at .