Management/Executive Profile 


DESCRIPTION: All payband (PB) associates will have a Management/Executive Profile

The Management/Executive Profile can be viewed in Employee Self Service under Career Decisions.  This profile is a synopsis of a pay band manager’s career  




Information Contained on Profile 


Job Data – Contains information regarding your current position. 

Education – any degrees you have earned should be displayed. 

If you have a degree that is not displayed or you have recently completed a degree, request the college or university forward an official transcript to the HR Support Center (HRSC). The transcript must include the degree conferred and be from an accredited school. 

Professional Licenses/Certifications – Any licenses or certification related to your Exchange employment will be displayed in this section.  

Any license or certification with an expiration date will be removed from your record once the expiration date is received.  You must provide current information with a new expiration date to the HR Support Center. 

Performance and Readiness – displays your latest performance evaluation and readiness scores. 

Disciplinary Actions – displays any disciplinary actions you have received.   

See paragraph 10-3, EOP 15-10, Managing Human Resources, for information on retention periods for disciplinary actions. 

Employment Experience – displays the management positions you have held.  

Your current position may not be displayed as it is displayed in the top field, job data. 

Awards Received – displays monetary awards received in the most recent 3 years. 

Training Completed – displays all credited training you have completed in the most recent 3 years. 


If you have any questions regarding the data displayed, you may submit a request for assistance to the HRSC through Employee Self-Service, contact the HRSC by submitting a ticket, via email at, or call 214-312-6190.  Education transcripts can be mailed to:  


HQ Army & Air Force Exchange Service 

HR Support Center-ATTN: Education 

PO Box 660202 

Dallas TX 75266-0202