Some of my information is wrong. How can I get it corrected? 


  • You can update the following information: 

  • Personal 

  • Home Address; Home Phone; Work Phone; Work Cell Phone; DSN; and FAX 

  • Emergency Contact Address and Phone 

  • Self-Identification 

  • Disability; Race/Ethnicity; Sponsor Affiliation/Relationship; Military Connection; and Wounded Warrior 

  • Home Owner 

  • For Mobile Management Associates – Do you own a home that you would need to sell if you were placed on PCS orders. 


  • If any other information is not correct, please submit a request for assistance, email or call 214-312-6190.  Please include the information that you believe is incorrect and what the information should reflect. 


Is my information secure? 


Yes, ESS is a secure site. You must have your Top Secret Security (TSS) ID – Y number – and password to access your information.  This is just one more reason why you should never share your Exchange IDs and passwords.   

Please note that the information accessed may stay in the browser’s memory, so always close the browser after accessing ESS. This is critical if you use a public computer. 


What does this error mean and how do I fix it? 


  • Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or above is the recommended browser to use ESS.  If you are using IE and receive this error, you need to add under compatibility view (TOOLS, COMPATABILITY VIEW SETTINGS).  Using a browser other than IE may result in unusual responses. 


What do I do if the script is too small? 


  • Using IE, you can go to VIEW, ZOOM and increase the size of the data. 


Some of my employment data is missing. 


  • The information contained in ESS mirrors information contained in the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS). For example, the employment history information only goes as far as 1990.   

  • If you need to see earlier employment information, please select Official Personnel Folder in ESS. 


Why can’t I see scanned documents in the Official Personnel Folder? 


  • If a document does not open when you click on the date of the item, there is likely a setting on the PC that needs to be changed.  Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance –contact numbers are: CONUS: 1.800.289.3800 or 214.312.3800 DSN: 967.3800 Germany: 0800.8227310 UK: 0800.3895580 Italy: 8008.77787