To search for available jobs on, it is recommended that you search using location.  You can search by country, state, city or specific base.  Simply start typing in the location field to bring up locations that match your search.   Please note: only locations that currently have positions open will appear. 



Search for all positions in the state of Georgia. As you can see, a drop-down box showing all of the locations in Georgia with open positions appears. Simply select the location you want and click SEARCH. 






  • If searching for a specific Army Post, spell out “fort,” don’t use “ft.” 

  • If you aren’t sure about the name of the Army Post or Air Force Base, it is best to search using the State or Country. 


  • After searching for a specific location, a list all of the positions available at that location will be viewable. Click on a position that interests you to view the position details.  If you are interested in the position, you can click SEND TO FRIENDSAVE, or APPLY TO JOB.  See article on Apply to Job for more information about this process.  


  • To return to the search listing, select BACK at the top of the page. 


  • You can also save any search parameters you wish and be notified when any positions are posted that meet those search parameters.  For example, if you search for positions in the United Kingdom, and no positions are currently available, you will see this: 




  • To be notified when a position is posted, click on SAVE THIS SEARCH just above the job listing.  Note: You must be signed in to save a search.  If you have not created an account (profile), please see article on Creating a Profile for more information. 


  • After signing in, the screen below will appear and ask you to enter a Search Name, example – Georgia, and how often you want to receive updates when jobs matching your search parameters are posted. The email associated with your profile should pre-populate, but you can change the email address if needed. 











Advanced Search 


On any search screen, you will have an option to complete an Advanced Search.  This search allows you to specify more parameters for your desired position.  Advanced searches are also able to be saved.