This article explains how you can access Exchange systems such as Outlook, Employee Self-Service (ESS), LEX training, eBenefits, and Exchange Emergency Information from any device that is not on the Exchange network.


Access is obtained through DUO Mobile and MyAPPS utilizing two-tier authentication.

Setting up Two-Tier Authentication

To use myAPPS, you must first set up the two-tier authentication by using DUO Mobile.  Two documents are attached to this article describing this process.  The IT Help Desk, 214-312-3800, can also be of assistance.

Using Two-Tier Authentication

You must establish two-tier authentication to use myapps. (NOTE: You must be on an Exchange device to use the links below. The information on the links is attached to this article.)

  • The most common application is using a mobile phone or tablet.  Instructions to set this up utilizing the Google Play Store or Apple App Store can be found here.
  • Additional information can also be found here.
  • Supported devices:

Using ESS through myapps.

The steps listed below are the steps the active employee (away from work) will need to complete in order to access ESS.

On a mobile device or personal computer, please go to



  1. Log in using your personal Lan ID and Password.  

This is the two-tier authentication.  Make the appropriate selection based upon how you have setup DUO.


Once logged in, click on Employee Self Service (ESS). 

Once you have finished using ESS and wish to exit, close the ESS browser window and return to the original window.  Here you will click Logout in the upper right hand corner.