Managed disability applies to ALL regular full-time (RFT) and regular part-time (RPT) associates as they have sick leave benefits. If you are RFT or RPT and are off work more than five (5) calendar days, you must contact managed disability. This is the only requirement - even if you do not have health coverage, this requirement applies. 


Basically, to ensure you receive benefits you may be entitled to receive.

There are two parts of the managed disability program:

  • Medical certification of time away from work when sick leave benefits are used
  • Ensuring short and long term disability benefits are properly handled should the time away from work exceed 30 days. (Any benefits under this option does require enrollment in the Disability Income Program (DIP).

Please review the information attached for additional information and how to contact The Hartford (managed the program for the Exchange).

NOTE: The managed disability program was managed by Aetna and we expect to receive a new Summary Plan Description from The Hartford. (Available on the Benefits portal.) The basics of the plan remain the same. This is also true of the form that can be used by associates overseas. (Available on Exchange Forms & Pubs.)