From: Shull, Tom

Subject: Message to Exchange Workforce

Date: Friday, March 13, 2020 3:38:57 PM

Exchange teammates,

Your safety and health remain our top priority as we continue to focus on ways to minimize the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 on the Exchange family. Earlier message traffic highlighted the importance of preventative measures that were recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Common practices, such as washing hands, help limit the spread of the virus. We encourage associates to continue with those precautions both at work and home. As always, we also encourage you to remain home if you are not feeling well. The news of school closures and curtailment of community activities add to the stress and anxiety. The Exchange will make every effort to facilitate and accommodate associate leave requests, applying a liberal leave policy or unpaid time off to alleviate the stress caused by this difficult situation.

We have also curtailed training events and official travel, both Temporary Duty and

Permanent Change of Duty Station, to limit risk to our associates. If an associate is

quarantined due to possible direct exposure or returning from a country that is identified by the CDC as a level 2 and 3 travel advisory, a combination of annual leave, sick leave or administrative leave will be considered. In cases where leave has been exhausted, voluntary leave donations and administrative leave will be applied to mitigate the financial burden. Additionally, intermittent associates may be provided up to 14 days of administrative leave to cover the absences resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. In certain situations, where jobs are portable, work from home options will also be considered. In the event of facility closures, we will apply reassignment, annual and administrative leave options to mitigate the adverse impact.

The commitment and dedication of our associates is incredible. Your Exchange leadership team remain committed to providing you with a safe workplace and flexible leave and pay options to support you during this challenging times.

All the best,


Tom Shull


Army & Air Force Exchange Service