Repayment of Deferred Payroll Tax – Temporary Delay  


On 8 August 2020, the President signed an Executive Order to defer payroll taxes for associates making $4k or less per pay period through December 2020. The repayment of deferred payroll taxes was to begin in January 2021 and run through April 2021.


On 27 December 2020, the President signed a bill extending the payroll tax deferral repayment period to 31 December 2021.


HQ elements are working diligently to adjust the repayment period as required by the bill and provide associates additional options for repayment. As a result, the deferred payroll tax deduction scheduled to begin in January 2021 has been delayed. No additional payroll tax will be deferred. 


  • The 2020 Federal Tax Deferment's repayment is expected to begin the pay period ending (PPE) 19 February 2021 and will end PPE 10 December 2021. 
  • Associates will have the option to select their desired repayment period (from 1 to 22 pay periods) in Employee Self-Service (ESS) before the first repayment PPE. 
  • Pay stubs will be expanded to show the amount recouped by PPE for the 2020 Federal Tax Deferment.


    Additional information will be provided once system updates are in place and the repayment process is ready 

     to begin.  


    POC/Program Manager: HR Support Center 

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