• It is recommended you utilize a device that is connected to the Exchange network to view your W-2 if possible.
  • If you need to view your W-2 off the Exchange network:
    1. Review (Access Exchange Systems Away From Work)
    2. Select Employee Self-Service from the MyApps menu
    3. Choose W-2 Forms under the Money Matters Header
    4. Select the desired tax year and click View.



  1. To Print using Internet Explorer, Edge, or Chrome:
    • Hover over the actual W-2 and you should see something like one of these options depending on the browser used: 



  • Click on the printer icon and select the printer you want to use.



  • The W-2 will display and click on the icon below, then select PRINT (NOTE: It may not print well.)



  • You will see GETIMAGE AS FILE/OPEN. Select OPEN
  • Document will download and can be printed by selecting the “3 dots” in the upper right-hand corner


If you have a problem viewing/printing the W-2 from the W-2 option in ESS:

  1. You can access the W-2 using the Official Personnel Folder option and look under PAYROLL
  2. Contact the HR Support Center (HR Support Center Contact Information) for guidance.

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