Your 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage) form is now available.  If you did not elect for electronic delivery, you will be receive your 1095-C in the mail.

If you did elect for electronic delivery (or would like an electronic copy of the form for tax purposes), please use the following steps to retrieve your 1095-C.


    1. Log into Employee Self Service (ESS).

        Note: If you are trying to access ESS while on a mobile device or from a personal computer, please use these

        steps: Access Exchange Systems Away From Work


    2. Under Family & Benefits click on 'Hi I'm Alex/eBenefits'.

    3. Once eBenefits populates, use the arrow to scroll through the options until you see your 1095-C.



    4. Click on View my 1095-C 

    5. You will be redirected to  If this is your first time accessing the

        website, you will be required to create log in credentials by following the instructions on the screen.  If you have

        already registered, then you will be automatically logged in.  

    6. Follow the on screen prompts to print your document.

If you remember your login credentials and don't wish to go through ESS, you may access the 1095-C website directly by visiting .  

To create a new password, visit  (NOTE: You will need to know the correct email used for registration.)

Your 1095-C documents for the preceding year are available electronically until at least Oct of the following year.