Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Deferred Payroll Tax Repayment


Below are the steps to set the number of pay periods for the FICA deferred payroll tax repayment.

 Log into Self-Service

  • Under Money Matters, find Deferred Payroll Tax Repayment

  • The next screen will have:
    1. The option to select the number of pay periods
    2. The default is 21 Pay Periods
    3. To change this, click on the arrow on the far-right side and select the number of pay periods.
    4. Click on Update Your Changes

  1. Once selected, a window will pop-up showing what amount will be recouped each pay period. Until recoupment starts, this is the only time you will see the dollar amount that will be recouped, per pay period.  Once recoupment starts, the amount will show in the table. 
  1. If you want to change the number of pay periods, select CANCEL
  2. Once OK is selected, that’s it! There is only one chance to make this election!


  • There are 2 tables that will display on this screen.  
  • The top table is the FICA that was deferred by pay period.

  • The bottom table will show all amounts recouped by pay period. (NOTE: Nothing will show until recoupment begins.)
  • Explanation of columns:
    1. PPE Number – which payment, starting with 1 for first
    2. PPE DATE – The PPE date the funds were recouped
    3. FICA Recoupment Balance – This shows how much is still owed – to be collected
    4. PPE Recoupment of CY 2020 FICA – This is the dollar amount recouped for the pay period
    5. Recoupment Balance Remaining – This is the new balance owed
    6. CY 2021 FICA per PPE – This is the amount of FICA to be collected based on actual wages for the pay period (the normal FICA tax to be paid)
    7. Total Withheld Per PPE – This is the total amount of FICA deductions for the pay period (PPE Recoupment + CY 2021 FICA)



Pay Stub


The following information will appear on the pay stub:


All funds recouped will appear under CURRENT DEDUCTIONS