At the Exchange, we have a variety of positions available – and it’s all about location.

Main Stores

Most installations have a Main Store. A Main Store is a department store with a variety of merchandise including clothing, electronics, home goods, appliances, sporting goods and much more. In a Main Store, you’ll find positions like Store Associates, Sr Store Associates, Laborers, Stockers, Supervisors and more.

Store Associates are entry-level positions and work as cashiers in central checkout or on the sales floor in areas like clothing, health and beauty or home goods. Sr Store Associate require some retail experience and work in specialized departments like customer service, electronics or jewelry. Stockers are responsible for stocking merchandise in the stockroom and on the sales floor.  Laborers can help with everything from loading larger merchandise into a customer’s vehicle to light landscaping. For those with significant retail experience, you will occasionally find postings for supervisory and management positions.


Exchange Expresses are convenience stores that carry snacks, drinks, ready-to-eat convenience food items, alcoholic beverages and more. If you work at an Express, you might be a cashier, laborer, receiver or supervisor.

Food Service

In food service, most positions are in branded restaurant franchises like Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway or Starbucks. Available restaurants vary by installation.

Military Clothing

Our Military Clothing stores sell uniform clothing items for our military. Working in Military Clothing is an exciting challenge that requires you to learn a great deal about the Armed Services represented on your installation. Though challenging, the work is very rewarding as you are helping our military prepare for their missions at home and around the world.