EUR Region LN Opportunity Charts and Online Job Descriptions

Modernizing and improving the Local National experience in Europe through updated online Job Descriptions.


Effective Thursday, 1 April 2021, all European Local National (LN) Job Descriptions will be available in an updated online format for associates to access at any time.  Over the last 18 months each LN Job Description was reviewed and input into our online system to mirror our current US Job Description Format and availability.


This process improvement will allow for easier access to Job Description information for associates, supervisors, and managers, as well as allow for streamlined processed to update and review LN Job Descriptions in the future.


The new online LN Job Descriptions can be accessed through the Exchange Opportunity Charts. Select the LN Option and then the LN Type from the drop-down menu, such as LN United Kingdom, LN Germany, or LN Italy. Once selected, you can choose the Career Cone, such as 51 for Retail Operations, to view all Active Job Descriptions in that area.



POC/Program Manager: Jadi Rendulic