Update: COVID-19 Vaccination Administrative Leave


Effective 14 April 2021, in addition to associates receiving up to four (4) hours of administrative leave per vaccination appointment if vaccinated during scheduled work time, associates are now authorized up to two (2) days of administrative leave if they experience an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccination and are unable to work as scheduled.  This additional administrative leave is granted only for an associate’s recovery from an adverse reaction associated with a single COVID-19 vaccination dose. 


The COVID-Admin leave pay code in KRONOS should be used to document the time off. Administrative leave will not be retroactively applied for associates that experienced an adverse reaction and took time off prior to 14 April 2021.


Note: Host nation guidance is applicable to the LN workforce. See your local HR Office for country specific guidance.


POC:  HRPolicy@aafes.com